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Chicago Born. South side raised. No not the suburbs. The actual city. 

Photo by:  Colin Quinn Rice
“stunning show-stopping dance numbers by the creatively innovating choreographer” - Chicago Critic (Priscilla Queen of the Desert)
“The always innovative choreographer Jon Martinez has done a splendid job of moving so many bodies around a slightly tight playing area, where any surface becomes fair game, even if it’s upon the back of another performer.” - Around Town Chicago (The View Upstairs)
“Outstanding dance routines executed perfectly by the agile cast... I doubt it’s possible to be more chill anywhere, even NYC.” - Cool Cleveland (On Be More Chill)
Photo  by: Joe Mazza

Photo by: Joe Mazza

“Vernon’s score combines the extravagant (and sometimes syrupy) rock and pop sensibilities of the era, which choreographer Jon Martinez skillfully enhances on the small stage.” - Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune (The View Upstairs)

About Jon

Jon works regularly as a director, choreographer and teacher in Chicago and regionally. A Chicago native from Bridgeport, Jon got his choreographic start working with Project Theater and After School matters and choreographed their teen productions for 3 years. He attended Columbia College with a focus on Directing and Choreography for the theater. At Columbia, he worked on numerous projects including, Duke’s Place: A Duke Ellington Review (Assistant to Linda Fortunato), The Best is Yet To Come: A Sintra Dance Celebration (Assitant to Christie Kerr), Victor/Victoria, Floyd Collins and The Fantasticks.

“Jon Martinez’s choreography? joyous” - Newcity

Jon went on to be an artistic associate with Bailiwick Chicago and then became their director of artistic development aiding in the producing of many shows including the multi Jeff award winning production of The Wild Party directed and choreographed by Brenda Didier, Dessa Rose directed by Lili-Anne Brown and many Chicago Casting Auction productions.

“Jon Martinez’s choreography stands out as a high point in the show” - Buzznews (on Tonya & Nancy the Rock Opera)

Aside from working in theater, Jon works heavily in the dance world. Teaching at various studios including Intrigue Dance (Owned by Broadway’s Pia Hamilton). His first ballet, Le Apache, premiered in 2016 at The Harris Theater in Chicago. He also worked for competitions and conventions such as, Dance America/Dance Olympus, Dancewerks and In10sity. Jon is also currently a company member for Firebrand Theater.

Photo by  Paul Goyette

Photo by Paul Goyette

“eye-popping, heart-stopping choreography” - Stage & Cinema (Priscilla Queen of the Desert)
(The View Upstairs) “with plenty of spirited, adrenaline-pumping, retro choreography, created by the talented Jon Martinez.” - Chicago Theatre Review (The View Upstairs)

“From hard-rocking driven group ensembles, to a hilarious pseudo ballet, to a very creative slow motion fight scene, this stuff is magic.” - Mt. Caroll News (Rock of Ages)

“Jon Martinez has performed theatre magic with this production. There’s nothing subtle or understated in this play and Martinez draws out every ounce of McNally’s comedy. “ - Chicago Theatre Review (It’s Only A Play)